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Welcome to our floral education and knowledge centre. Discover tips to keep your flowers living long, healthy lives through proper care and maintenance. Our short tutorial videos and floral-focused posts will have you creating stunning centerpieces, arrangements, bouquets and planters of your own. Flower to the People!

bells of ireland arrangement

How to Care for your Flowers

24th Nov

It is important to spend time on flower care. There are a few tricks of the trade in the floral world that can allow for the little lovelies to last longer than the few days after receiving the delivery!

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DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

25th Nov

We worked with CoralTV to produce this fabulous video on how to create a floral centerpiece for thanksgiving using grocery store items. All for under 30 dollars!

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The Flower Showdown: Florist vs Grocery Store

29th Nov

I get it. I really do. I can see why it can be so tempting to pick up a bouquet while out shopping at a grocery store for an event/loved one. It is so easy to pop into the grocery store while also shopping for your food, basically killing two birds with one stone...

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holiday centerpiece 2

Festive Holiday Centerpiece

8th Dec

What flowers to pick for your holiday centerpiece? You want a few things to happen when picking your holiday centerpiece: for it to look festive, for it to fit onto your table full of delicious food and; for it to LAST!!

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winter planter

DIY Winter Planter Video

28th Dec

It's DIY time again! In this post, we'll show you how to create your very own winter planter to enjoy throughout the winter.

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Elegant Wedding Feature

11th Jan

Working in partnership with Lux Events, we had the good fortune to take part in a stylized photo shoot that is now featured on Elegant Weddings!

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Wedding Flowers MAXIMIZED

7th Jan

After talking with many different types of brides, it is clear that being smart with your floral spending is the key to being happy in the long run. It is my belief that floral is absolutely essential to the day whether the budget be big or small.

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What Flowers to Pick for Valentine's Day

29th Jan

What flowers to pick for your Valentine’s Day peeps! For obvious reasons I think Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get floral for your favourite person. You don’t have to break the bank and...

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